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About Blob Drop Unblocked Game:

Blob Drop ditches the usual falling block puzzle and injects a delightful dose of jiggly physics. Imagine a world where colorful blobs rain from the sky, and your job is to guide them to blob nirvana – a state of ultimate size and satisfaction. Master the art of the merge, become a blob whisperer, and watch your squishy friends grow into glorious giants!

Gameplay of Blob Drop Unblocked:

  • Blobtastic Downpour: Blobs of various vibrant colors fall from the top of the screen, each with its own bouncy personality.

  • Merging Madness: Your touch controls the blob's descent. Strategically tap the screen to drop the blob onto another matching blob. When they collide, they merge into a bigger, happier blob!

  • Size Matters: The bigger the blob, the more points you score! Aim for epic merges and watch your blob dominate the cup.

  • Overflow Woes: But be careful! The cup has a limit. If you overfill it with blobs, the game ends in a jiggly catastrophe. Keep an eye on the cup's level and plan your drops wisely.

Tips for Blob Drop:

  • Think Ahead: Don't just drop blobs randomly. Plan your moves by looking at upcoming blobs and anticipating merges.

  • Chain Reactions: Aim for domino-like merges where a single drop triggers a series of blob fusions, maximizing your score.

  • Fill the Gaps: Use smaller blobs to fill empty spaces in the cup, creating stable foundations for future merges.

  • The Bigger, the Slower: Larger blobs fall slower, giving you more time to plan your next move. Prioritize big blob creation for strategic maneuvering.

Features of Blob Drop Game:

  • Endless Blobbing Fun: Blob Drop offers endless levels with increasing difficulty. As you progress, the speed of the falling blobs increases, testing your merging skills and reflexes.

  • Color Explosion: Enjoy a vibrant world filled with playful blobs in a variety of eye-catching colors.

  • Soothing Soundscape: Relaxing music and satisfying sound effects accompany your blob wrangling journey, making it a truly delightful experience.

  • Unlockable Goodies: Earn points and unlock new customization options for your blobs, adding a touch of personality to your game.

Who made Blob Drop Unblocked:

Blob Drop Unblocked is made by Eray Zesen.


  • Web browser (desktop and mobile)

  • Android



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