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About Blumgi Ball

Blumgi Ball is a fun sports game that mixes platform and puzzle elements together. Your goal is simple: get the ball into the hoop, like in classic basketball. To do this, you use a slingshot system. You pull an arrow to show how strong you want to throw the ball, then let go to shoot it. But here's the exciting part: in Blumgi Ball, you can magically teleport right next to your ball. This lets you do cool tricks and score in a stylish way. Completing levels earns you points to unlock new characters. You'll have a great time exploring the colorful and creative levels full of surprises in Blumgi Ball!

Experience the fun of Blumgi Ball, an exciting sports game that blends platform and puzzle challenges for a unique and captivating gaming adventure. Developed by Blumgi, this game has a dedicated fan following and receives high praise. Dive into the world of Blumgi Ball, where you'll hone your hoop-shooting skills by conquering tricky levels.

How to play Blumgi Ball?

To make the ball go through the net, you use a slingshot. You pull a marker to decide how hard you want to throw the ball, then let go to throw it.

Aim and shoot - Left mouse click, drag, and release

Teleport to ball - Space bar

Features of Blumgi Ball

1 - Discover the exciting mix of platform and puzzle action in Blumgi Ball, a creative sports game built for non-stop enjoyment.

2 - Have a blast using the easy-to-understand slingshot system, where you can control the power and direction of your shots effortlessly.

3 - Test your skills by aiming to score baskets in as few shots as you can, which will make you think strategically and aim precisely.

4 - Explore dynamic settings, solve puzzles, and try to sink baskets in fun and challenging levels.

5 - You can play Blumgi Ball for free online in Chrome, Edge, and other modern web browsers.

How many characters in Blumgi Ball?

There are Nine unique Amazing Blumgi Ball characters in the game. They are all designed like animals.

Who Made Blumgi Ball?

Blumgi Ball was developed by Blumgi, a game development studio located in France. Play their stunning game on and on

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