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About Blumgi Rocket

Blumgi Rocket is a fun game where you control a super-fast car in colorful levels with lots of obstacles. You'll go up hills, down slopes, through tunnels, and more at super high speeds! When you press the rocket button, you'll see a cool slow-motion effect, and the longer you hold it, the faster you'll go. While you're in the air, do tricks to finish the level faster and show off to your fans. As you play and finish levels, you'll unlock new car designs. How fast can you beat Blumgi Rocket and become a master at this game?

Blumgi Rocket is a cool video game made by Blumgi and available on It's a side-scrolling game where you race toy-like cars through different levels with tricky tracks, obstacles, and traps. Your main goal in each level is to reach the finish line marked with blue and white squares.

The game is fun and challenging. You can collect money and power-ups as you play to help you finish levels. There's also a slow-motion feature that helps you avoid obstacles and navigate tough parts of the tracks.

As you play, you might discover secret paths and shortcuts in Blumgi Rocket. Using these hidden routes can help you finish levels faster or collect more money and power-ups.

Blumgi Rocket is an exciting game that can keep players of all ages entertained for hours. Whether you're a pro gamer or just want something fun to do, give Blumgi Rocket a try. You can play it online in Chrome, Edge, or other modern web browsers and have a blast!

How to play Blumgi Rocket

Drive - W/S or Up/Down arrow keys

Rocket - Space bar

Alternative Controls
Drive - A

Rocket - D

Blumgi Rocket has some cool features:

1 - Exciting Rocket Action: It's all about fast and thrilling rocket gameplay that keeps you excited.

2 - Procedurally Generated Levels: The game creates levels randomly, so each time you play, it's a unique experience with different challenges.

3 - Skill-Based Progression: You earn more rockets, get customization options, and face tougher challenges as you get better at the game.

4 - Physics-Based Puzzles: You'll have to use your rocket's thrusters and other tools to solve tricky physics-based puzzles.

5 - You can play Blumgi Rocket online for free in Chrome, Edge, and other modern web browsers. Enjoy the rocket ride!

Who Made Blumgi Rocket?

Blumgi Rocket was made by Blumgi. This is their first game on and you can play it on vodogame!

Can I play Blumgi Rocket on my phone, tablet or mobile device?

You can enjoy playing Blumgi Rocket for free without downloading or installing for free using your desktop and mobile devices like phones and tablets on and on

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