Melon Merge

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Guys, welcome to a wonderful game called "Melon Merge"! This is an exciting fun game about merging various fruits, in which you will forget for a long time what it means to be bored! Challenge yourself and test yourself for attentiveness. You will combine amazing tropical fruits. These will be: apples, watermelons, melons and many fruits that you will see on the playing field. Ready to go on this fruity adventure? Then go ahead!

In front of you you will see a game space, at the bottom of which there will be icons with additional boosters. Your goal is to merge all the same fruits into one. This means that you must toss the fruit onto slices of the same kind. After that, they will combine and get another fruit. You must make sure that all these delicacies turn into huge melons and watermelons. If you get stuck, use boosters, which can blow up fruit halves you don't need. Complete all levels and have a great time! Good luck!


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