Save the Doge

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"Save the doge" is the second version of the popular cute game that has made all the kids in the world fall in love with it.
The gameplay consists in rescuing a little dog who is in trouble.
To test your drawing skills and create a protective dome around the dog, you just need to be careful and fast, because he is in great danger. Ready to save the baby? Then let's start!

You need to muster up the courage and protect the poor animal from a flock of biting bees that just want to sting him. To save him, you just need to draw the line correctly so that it completely covers him from the bees. It will work as a resistance against them. If within 10 seconds the bees do not bite the dog, then you are doing everything right. We wish you a great time and protect the dog from impudent bees, leaving him safe. Good luck!


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