Shape Fold Animals

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About Shape Fold Animals Game

Shape Fold Animals is a puzzle game that adds a twist to the classic jigsaw puzzle. In this game, all the pieces are connected and interact with each other physically. The controls are simple: you just drag the shapes to where they should be to form the complete object. You can do this with your mouse or by using your finger on a touchscreen.

As you move the individual puzzle pieces around, you reveal cute and majestic animal images. Shape Fold Animals offers a unique take on the traditional jigsaw puzzle, creating quirky and intriguing puzzles. You might even come across famous animals that you recognize from internet memes. Enjoy the calming nature images while giving your brain a relaxing workout!

How to play Shape Fold Animals?

Drag your mouse cursor or finger around to assemble the puzzle pieces.

Who Developed Shape Fold Animals?

Shape Fold Animals is Developed by Bikas, a game developer team Located in Lithuania. Play their other amazing games on and Shape Fold, Shape Fold Nature, and Adventure Drivers

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