Skibidi Toilet FPS

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You are welcomed to a very exciting game for shooter lovers called "Destroy the Skibidy Toylet"! Today you will complete very difficult missions to kill all the harmful creatures that are dangerous to our planet. Very soon, you can also turn into this awesome toilet, from which the head of a man with a twisted physiognomy sticks out. It looks very scary! If you do not want skibidi toilets to infect your city, then you need to start playing and destroy them as soon as possible!

You will find yourself in a small town, which harbors a lot of skibidi mutants. You must react very quickly to this incident and urgently move on to attacking actions! You will be slowly approached by entire groups of skibidi toilets who want to kill your hero. As soon as you see at least one of them, quickly aim and fire continuously until the big head is flushed down the toilet. Get ready for them to attack you, so be as careful as possible. We wish you to cope with all the tasks of the game and have a good time!


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