Skibidi Toilet Vs Cameramen

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Guys, we are glad to welcome you in a new exciting game called "Skibidi Toilet Vs Cameramen", in which you will fully delve into the life events of our favorite heroes from the sensational Internet series with skibidi toilets and cameramen who want to destroy them! But today things will be very different. After all, you will play the role of the very skibidi who needs to be the first to remove all the cameras so that they do not catch the rest and kill them. Ready to take on even the strongest big-headed agents? Then let's start playing!

All events will take place in the center of a big city, in which all skibidists are hidden behind buildings so as not to appear in front of cameramen. There is complete chaos in this city, because the cameramen want to find all the skibidis and kill them. But to prevent this from happening, the leader of all toilet heads will give the most difficult tasks that you need to complete. To do this, you can use vehicles and the entire arsenal of various weapons. In each district of the city, different cameramen will be waiting for you, from the weakest to the strongest, and even entire gangs! Your task is to find them all and destroy them, collecting weapons along the way. We wish you to complete all the tasks and have a great time! Good luck!


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