Cat Gunner Unblocked

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About Cat Gunner Unblocked Poki Game:

Cat Gunner: Super Zombie Shoot Unblocked is a game where you use a gun to shoot zombie cats. You need to save kittens and make your weapons better to stop a bad disease. Get your machine gun and grenades, then run in the old city to shoot any infected enemies. Collect coins and fish to make your journey easier. You can unlock new cat friends, powerful weapons like flamethrowers and ice beams, and cool rides like a hoverboard, a motorbike, and even a T-Rex! Be ready for strong boss zombies. Can you be the champion and save the cat world?

Cat Gunner Online Game tells an exciting story that puts players in a tough survival mission. The game takes place in a world that's been destroyed by a mysterious biological disaster in Pixel Town. Your job is to rescue Pixel Town from zombie cats by guiding a cat hero armed with a rifle.

Gameplay of Cat Gunner Unblocked Game:

Cat Gunner: Super Zombie Shoot is a unique side-scrolling shooter with a cool pixel look, reminiscent of classic games. It brings together a sense of nostalgia with modern gaming techniques, making it enjoyable for both new and seasoned players.

In each level of Cat Gunner Unblocked Poki Game, you'll face a bunch of zombie cats that you have to take down using fast reflexes and smart decisions. As you progress through different landscapes, you'll encounter various types of zombie cats, each with its own special abilities.

Features of Cat Gunner Game:

  1. Post-Apocalyptic Setting: The game unfolds in Pixel Town, a world devastated by a mysterious biological disaster, now ruled by zombie cats.

  2. Intense Gameplay: This side-scrolling shooter demands quick reflexes and tactical decision-making for an action-packed experience.

  3. Wide Range of Weapons: Upgrade and customize a diverse selection of weaponry as you progress through the stages, enhancing your combat capabilities.

  4. Character Variety: Choose from a variety of cat characters, each with unique specialties and attributes catering to different playstyles.

  5. Engaging Storyline: Unravel the compelling narrative that unfolds as you play, providing insights into the catastrophe and the struggle to save Pixel Town.

  6. Pixel Art Graphics: The game's distinctive pixel art style combines a retro aesthetic with modern gameplay mechanics for a visually appealing experience.

  7. Free Online Play: Enjoy Cat Gunner: Super Zombie Shoot for free in Chrome, Edge, and other modern web browsers.

Tips and strategies for Cat Gunner: Super Zombie Shoot:

  1. Study Zombie Cat Patterns: Different zombie cats have unique attack styles. Understanding their patterns helps you anticipate and plan your moves accordingly.

  2. Regularly Upgrade Weapons: As you progress, enemies become more challenging. Keep upgrading your weapons to effectively combat the increasingly difficult threats.

  3. Choose the Right Cat: Each cat character has special abilities. Select a cat that aligns with your playstyle to maximize effectiveness in battles.

  4. Utilize the Environment: Learn to navigate obstacles and use the environment to your advantage when under attack. Smart use of the surroundings can give you an edge.

  5. Manage Resources: Health and ammo are scarce. Use them wisely and try to collect as many as possible during each stage to ensure you have enough to face tougher challenges.

  6. Keep Moving: Remaining stationary makes you an easy target. Keep moving to dodge incoming attacks and confuse your adversaries.

  7. Practice Aiming: In this game, shooting accuracy is crucial. Practice your aiming skills to increase accuracy and take down enemies more efficiently.

How to play Cat Gunner: Super Zombie Shoot:

  1. Run - WASD or Arrow keys

  2. Pause - ESC

  3. Shoot - Spacebar

  4. Dash - F

  5. Switch weapon - R

  6. Throw grenade - G

Who made Cat Gunner: Super Zombie Shoot Online Game:

Cat Gunner unblocked: Super Zombie Shoot is made by PEGASUS. Play their other games on



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