Helix Jump

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Helix Jump is a game with simple and addictively fun mechanics. In the game, you guide a bouncing ball continuously down a series of circular platforms. Fall through the cracks and avoid landing in the forbidden zones!

This is a simple yet challenging game with harmonious and colorful interface to provide players with a comfortable visual experience.

One-tap easy-to-learn controls, rich visual effects and addictive gameplay mechanics.

Put a finger on the screen and move it left to right to rotate the helix structure. You don’t move the ball that is on the screen, just the platforms that rotate around a central pole.

Move the platforms so the ball falls through openings. It can bounce on the platforms, but you cannot bounce on the red.

Score more points by going through multiple openings at once. If you go through three or more, you can land on a red platform spot as it will break the platform.


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