Dino Merge Master

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"Dinosaur Merge Master" is a casual strategy game that will take you to distant times, when huge prehistoric lizards roamed the earth, living next door to small tribes of primitive people! Large-scale wars constantly broke out between them, in which cavemen used not only stones and spears, but even specially trained dinosaurs, allowing them to gain a significant advantage over the enemy.

In front of you will be located the battlefield, divided into several cells. Place your units in positions, then press the big red button to start the battle. For victories in battles you will earn gold coins that can be spent on buying new types of fighting reptiles. Combine two identical creatures to create an armored Triceratops, a massive stegosaurus, or even a ferocious Tyrannosaurus Rex. You can do the same with your warriors, which will replenish the ranks of your army with skillful archers and powerful wizards. Travel across many unique locations, including green meadows, deserts and snow-covered plains. Open treasure chests and take the first place in the leaderboard!


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