Jelly Runners

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Jelly Runners is a fun arcade game with colorful cartoony graphics where you have to overcome many difficult obstacles and reach the finish line! Ahead of you is a large number of exciting levels, in each of which you need to run through crowds of enemies and dozens of dangerous traps placed at every turn.

To be able to cope with all the opponents alone, you need to go through magical portals, thanks to which you can become much stronger. But be careful, because sometimes there will be red barriers on your way, which, on the contrary, can take away all the accumulated energy from you. Try, if possible, not to go into the visibility zone of enemy infantry units, because otherwise they will immediately attack you. At the end of each stage, you need to defeat a huge jelly boss, sending him to a deep knockout far beyond the ring. For successfully completing levels, you will earn gold coins that can be used to buy funny hats for your character. Spin the wheel of luck and achieve new incredible results!


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