Merge Dreams

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Merge & Build a wonderland full of interesting classic characters and stories! You can combine everything into better and more powerful items for your journey.
Build & upgrade all kinds of buildings to produce all kinds of useful products. Use these products to complete the orders to earn more Gold and get more experience points.
The more experience points, the higher the level you are, and you can unlock more interesting characters, stories, lands, etc.

Drag 1 item onto another 2 identical items to get a higher-level item.
Merge 5 identical items to get an extra reward item.
Go to the Daily Tasks page to complete tasks to get Gold and experience points every day
Go to the Main Tasks page to complete the main tasks to get more Gold and experience points.
The more experience points you have, the higher player level you are.
The higher the player level you are, the more lands you can unlock.


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