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About Parkour Race Unblocked Poki Game:

Parkour Race Unblocked Poki Game is a cool 3D running game made by the creative folks at Madbox. In this game, you get to do exciting parkour moves. It's not just about running and jumping; it's more interesting than that. You control a character and even get to create a cool stickman. You compete against other players by jumping between rooftops. If you want to get better at running, Parkour Race is the game for you.

Parkour Race is a 3D running game made by Madbox. Guide your stickman through a race against others. You can run, dash, and jump between rooftops. Grab glowing speed boosters for more speed and showcase your style with vaults and flips. Each day, there are new challenges, power-ups, and fancy accessories to make your stickman unique. Elevate your running game with Parkour Race!

Gameplay of Parkour Race Unblocked:

In Parkour Race, speed isn't just about running straight. You'll find special glowing speed bumpers on the rooftops that supercharge your stickman as you race. These clever elements give you a thrilling burst of speed when you need it most, helping you outpace your competition. What sets this game apart is its focus on style. To earn points and impress others, you can perform midair flips and vault over obstacles. With daily challenges, you're always close to beating community records or setting your own personal best in this unique and exciting game.

Parkour Race Online Poki Game keeps it simple with easy controls that let you move like a stickman pro. Just press 'A' or the left arrow key to go left, and 'D' or the right arrow key to go right. Despite the simplicity, the game's smooth mechanics offer an exhilarating and satisfying range of motion. So, even though the controls are straightforward, the gameplay provides a dynamic and enjoyable experience.

Features of Parkour Race Poki Game:

  1. Simple Controls: Easily navigate the game with straightforward controls—use 'A' and 'D' or arrow keys for left and right movements.

  2. 3D Graphics: Immerse yourself in the parkour universe with top-notch 3D settings that enhance the gaming experience.

  3. Luminous Speed Bumpers: Strategically placed speed bumpers provide a momentum boost, adding an element of strategy to your movements.

  4. Acrobatic Maneuvers: Execute flips, vaults, and other acrobatic moves to showcase your style and earn points.

  5. Personalization: Customize your stickman with a wide range of accessories, from caps to athletic apparel, allowing you to create a unique look.

  6. Power-Ups: Collect in-game power-ups that offer various benefits, giving you an edge over your rivals in the race.

  7. Online Play: Enjoy Parkour Race Online Poki Game for free online in Chrome, Edge, and modern web browsers, allowing you to compete with players worldwide.

Who made Parkour Race Online Poki Game:

Parkour Race Unblocked Poki was Made by Madbox. Play their games on Idle Ants and Stickman Hook



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