Power Badminton poki

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About Power Badminton Unblocked Game:

Power Badminton is a fun side-scrolling sports game where you use a racket and shuttlecock. You need to hit the shuttlecock short and long to win in this badminton league. You play against a computer opponent, aiming to win as many matches and points as possible. There are power-ups to make your shots stronger. You can use your racket to make cool net shots, trick your opponent into hitting a high ball, and finish with a powerful smash! You can also use power-ups to give yourself an advantage, but watch out, your opponent has them too! You'll need to use different shots and smashes to win the game, and you can choose from various characters to play as.

Who made "Power Badminton" Game:

Power Badmintong was made by MarketJS.

Move back and forth and hit the shuttlecock (the ball) to get it into your opponent's area and score points.
Move - A (Left) and D (Right)
Hit - J (High), K (Low) and L (Close hit)


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