Rope Man 2

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We are glad to welcome you to the long-awaited continuation of the exciting casual game Rope Man Run 2, in which you will once again have to help the main character overcome all the obstacles on the way to the finish line! There are many exciting levels ahead of you in which you have to run along a long narrow platform above the clouds and collect balls of thread to sew a cool sports bike for yourself.

Try to avoid various dangerous obstacles and insidious traps, collision with which will lead to the loss of a certain number of ropes. Completing levels will earn you crystals that you can use to buy new unique skins or fun hats for your character. Also, before the start of the race, you will have the opportunity to try out one of several limited skins of your choice. Don't forget to activate auxiliary bonuses, thanks to which you can get full invulnerability and additional movement speed for a few seconds. Will you be able to get to the treasure chest and get untold riches? Let's find out right now!


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