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About SnakeMania Fancade Game

SnakeMania, created by Mishansky90, is an .io game inspired by In this game, you control a snake with the objective of growing as large as possible while avoiding death.

Gameplay of SnakeMania Online Game:

Navigate left or right to adjust your direction accordingly; the snake maintains constant movement. Pressing both buttons simultaneously provides a speed boost (without decreasing your score, unlike traditional .io games). In this game, you guide a snake that consumes pellets of various colors to grow larger. The goal is to survive for as long as possible, aiming to maintain the title of the largest snake. You'll know you're the biggest when a crown appears above your head. Any collision with an enemy snake results in its demise, and vice versa. Additionally, touching the map's border spells the end for your snake. Notably, the snakes are controlled by AI, not human players. Levels function as distinct game modes, including Normal mode, where gameplay is standard; Kill More mode, offering increased opportunities to eliminate other snakes; Battle Royale mode, pitting a large number of players against each other until only one snake remains; and Quick mode, for fast-paced action.

Features of SnakeMania Game:

  • Normal Mode: The standard gameplay experience.

  • Kill More Mode: Players have increased opportunities to eliminate other snakes.

  • Battle Royale Mode: A large number of players engage in combat until only one snake remains.

  • Quick Game Mode: Similar to the regular mode, but with faster gameplay.

Who Made SnakeMania Game:

Mishansky90 made SnakeMania Game and belongs to more than 100 Fancade Games!

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