Snow Fever 3D

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We are glad to welcome you in a new casual game called "Snow Fever", in which you have to roll a huge ball of snow, destroying everything in its path! Run along a long track in the middle of the clouds and collect snowballs to increase the size of your ball. As soon as you cross the finish line, then kick it with all your might from a steep slope to break through several brick walls and multiply the points earned!

Control the character with the help of a mouse and dodge the collision with especially dangerous obstacles, such as: red blocks, lakes with boiling lava and much more. Open treasure chests, from which not only precious stones can fall out, but also unique skins with colorful effects. Slide on metal bars or use springy platforms to climb over a bottomless chasm. Unlock limited skins for your hero and many other useful bonuses. Ahead of you will find countless exciting levels, the complexity of which will gradually increase. If you fail, then you can safely skip the current stage to move on to the next level. Good luck!


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