Stack Tower Run

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Welcome to the game "Run of the Human Tower", where you will have the opportunity to take part in an exciting race, the goal of which is — to build the highest tower of people! Initially, you have to manage only one character who will run forward along a long narrow platform located at a dizzying height. Gather as many other people as possible along the way, thanks to which you can overcome various dangerous obstacles and successfully get to the finish line!

Ahead of you is countless fascinating levels in which you need to show not only good ingenuity, but also the skills of a real gymnast. Cleverly keep your balance and bypass the numerous wooden crates in a collision with which you will lose one person. Barriers can be located along the entire width of the road, so in this case you need to move to a parallel track where you can safely continue your journey. Between the two platforms there will be a metal pipe with which you can be on the other side. But sometimes everything - will have to sacrifice someone - to achieve the goal. Earn gold coins to purchase one of the many unique looks for your hero! Good luck!


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