Stick Fighter Unblocked

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About Stick Fighter Unblocked Poki Game:

Stick Fighter Unblocked is a game where you control one of six characters, each with unique moves. In single-player mode, face off against other characters to prove you're the best Stick Fighter. If you like real challenges, play with a friend in 1v1 battles to see who's the ultimate fighter. Will you focus on mastering one character or become skilled with all of them?

Stick Fighter Online Game is a fast-paced, action-packed fighting game available on vodogame. It features simple yet addictive gameplay, making it perfect for casual gamers and fighting game enthusiasts alike.

Gameplay of Stick Fighter Unblocked:

In Stick Fighter Game, players take control of one of six stickman characters, each with their unique fighting style and moveset. The goal is to defeat your opponent by depleting their health bar. Players can use a variety of attacks, including punches, kicks, and throws, to whittle down their opponent's health.

The Stick Fighter Game features two main modes: single-player and multiplayer. In single-player mode, players take on a series of increasingly difficult opponents in a gauntlet-style challenge. In multiplayer mode, players can battle their friends locally or online.

Features of Stick Fighter Unblocked Poki Game:

  1. Six unique characters to choose from

  2. Simple yet addictive gameplay

  3. Fast-paced action

  4. Free Online Play: Enjoy Stick Fighter Poki Game at no cost by playing it online in Chrome, Edge, and other modern web browsers. Accessible gameplay makes it easy for players to dive into the action without any additional cost.

  5. Unique gameplay mechanic that uses Stick Fighter to move

  6. Two main modes: single-player and multiplayer

  7. Local and online multiplayer

Who made Stick Fighter Online Game:

Stick Fighter Game is made by ARF Games. Play their games on vodogame: Bearsus and Dungeons & Dress-Ups

How to play Stick Fighter Poki Game:

  • Move & Jump - A/D (or Left/Right arrow keys)

  • Attack 1 - A, A (or Left, Left)

  • Attack 2 - D, D (or Right, Right)

  • Double Jump 1 - A, D (or Left, Right)

  • Double Jump 2 - D, A (or Right, Left)

  • Attack 3 - (While double-jumping) A (or Left)

  • Attack 3 - (While double-jumping) D (or Right)


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