Subway Surf Marrakesh

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Subway surfers visited beautiful Marrakech city in morocco north africa.
Of the variety of interesting places available in the city, the guys chose the metro and run in a traditionnal marrakech buildings. It is here that their new exciting adventure will take place, to which you can also join. Help the guys escape from the police, collect more coins and have fun.

Subway surfers games will appeal to anyone who likes to run fast, collect bonuses and dodge obstacles. After all, this is the essence of the game! The boy Jake loves to run on trains and between them, but the railroad workers do not like his hobby, so every time a fat policeman starts chasing the kid. Who quickly?

Subway surf games offer an exciting race on the wagons, between them, under them - everywhere. Speed ​​in subway surfers plots is the main requirement, but in addition to active movements, you need to pay attention to bonuses. Usually these are coins, the presence of which will subsequently allow you to buy stylish clothes, comfortable shoes and all sorts of cute accessories. But money is only part of the bonuses. In addition to coins, the hero is waiting for magnets - to quickly collect all the money, doublers - increase the amount of collected bonuses, jetpacks - to quickly move over the policeman. And a lot of other things you need.
Well, what are you interested in? Then "to the start-attention-march" and forward to the race. The policeman has already hid behind the nearest carriage and is ready to catch the main violator of the order of the railway station!


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