Battle of Beetles

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Welcome to the wonderful world of insects! Only here and now you will meet with the most funny and unusual bugs, which would definitely be avoided in real life. But in the virtual world you should not be afraid of insects, because today you will turn into one of them and become part of this bright and fascinating world! Ready for a dizzying adventure? Then, go ahead!

In the new game "Battle of the Beetles", you will participate in a real insect war, which is unleashed in the middle of a picturesque garden with lush greenery and fragrant flowers. To become a winner and conquer enemies, you will have to work hard! In total, the game has four modes: classic, battle for dinosaur eggs, battle royale and diamond excavation. The main goal of each mode is to eat as many delicacies as possible and eat small enemies. The more your beetle eats, the bigger it will become. And this means that he will have a wide variety of insects on his teeth. After each round, you will receive gold coins that can be accumulated and spent on buying a new bug. This bright and fun game will appeal to gamers of all ages! Enjoy the game and good luck!


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