The Smurfs Subway surfer

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Smurf Skate Rush is an endless runner game starring the funny blue characters from The Smurfs cartoons and films. Collect berries as you dodge the logs, rocks, and cars.
Swerve between the lanes on your skateboard in Smurf Skate Rush. Dodge the tree stumps and other obstacles. Jump over gates in this 3D Smurfs game and leap onto the cars and rails to perform grinds and other tricks.
Collect strawberries and use them to unlock new skateboards. You can search for special icons to unlock other Smurfs characters, such as Papa Smurfs red hat, Handys pencils, or Hefty Smurfs heart tattoo.

Find the magic portal to advance to the next level of this Smurfs online game.

Use the up arrow to skate up the ramps and over the logs, or grind across the rails. Tap the down arrow to duck and slide under the wooden signs.


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