Zombie Tsunami

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Now you can play the mega popular mobile game on your phones! The game "Zombie Tsunami" has won many fans around the world. Everyone wants to create their own army of the walking dead and destroy a couple of cities. Do you want too? Then welcome to us!

At first, you will control only one zombie. He will automatically move forward, and you must help him overcome all the obstacles in his path. To increase the number of zombies, you must devour all living people indiscriminately that you meet along the way. Your victims will turn into zombies, and very soon you will have a full-fledged army.

Beware of military aircraft, explosives and other unpleasant items that will often overshadow your path. Faced with an obstacle, you will lose your zombies. Show maximum dexterity and lightning-fast reaction until the zombie tsunami turns into a tiny wave. Don't forget to collect gold coins. Having collected a certain number of them, you can please yourself with the purchase of a useful bonus. Enjoy the game and good luck!


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