City War 3D

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The simplest yet the most exciting offline strategy game. This is one of the best strategy games on the store. Train your brain to make exciting strategy to defeat enemies and keep your mood fresh. City war 3D is an abstract, essentialized, and simplified real-time strategy game.


Unique gameplay with beautifully designed levels , Stylised graphics & colours suited for kids & Adults.

Cartoon style graphics makes game more casual & funny. Also we will like to add chibi & anime style character in future.

Multiple themes Forest theme, Ice theme and Mountain theme , Beach theme & desert theme and lot more yet to be added like candy theme , garden theme , block theme , .

Easy Transition: Transition from easy to complex level to boost your strategic , logic and thinking skills.

Play in your language, City war 3D is translated to all major languages so that you can play in your own native language . We are continuously adding more languages to the game to improve your gameplay.


City War 3D is a fun hyper offline strategy game. Just select your houses and send troops to capture enemy houses. Win the level by capturing all the houses. This game is not only to kill time but also to boost up your strategic & logic skills. There are hundreds of levels to play.

Note for kids and adults: This game is designed for both kids and adults.

Drag mouse to other house to send the army and capture that house.


Arcade Action Hypercasual