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About Ducklings io Game

"Ducklings" is a fun IO-game where you play as a loving duck tasked with rescuing lost ducklings from a pond. Your goal is to swim around and gather as many lost ducklings as possible and safely bring them back to your nest. However, there's a twist – you're not the only caring parent duck in the pond. Other ducks will try to snatch your ducklings away from you to earn rewards and upgrades for their nests.

As you save more ducklings, you'll advance to higher levels, with the game lasting until you reach level 400. Your main objective is to avoid the other ducks and protect your ducklings at all costs. Be cautious of motorboats in the pond, as they can run you over and end your game. Good luck and have fun rescuing those adorable ducklings!

How to play Ducklings io Game:

Move your duck - cursor

Who Developed Ducklings io Game:

Pelican Party is a collaboration of two Dutch guys based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. They have also created .

Move your duck - cursor


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