Subway Surf Edinburgh

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"Subway Surf Edinburgh" - today you and your friends will go to Scotland! There you will meet a new area, as well as be able to meet new friends. You will find a huge variety of new adventures, the new location will be a real novelty for you. In this country, as you can already guess, you will go to the capital of Scotland. Edinburgh is the heart of the country, it is located on the hills and occupies a relatively small area.

Get ready to start running, because you will still need to run away from the evil guard on the iron tracks! Be as careful as possible, try not to be caught by a guard, but it is important not to fall under the train. Your task is to run as far as possible, score a lot of points, collect coins, use a lot of devices: a satchel, a magnet, a multiplier, jumping shoes and more. They will be able to help you go a long distance and earn a lot of coins. Also collect boxes, keys, buy hoverboards in the store. Are you ready to get started? Then what are you waiting for, get started!


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