Temple Run 2

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About Temple Run 2 Game

"Temple Run 2" is a really fun game made by a company called Imangi. In this game, you play as a brave treasure hunter who needs to run away from a scary enemy and dodge all sorts of things that can get in your way. You'll run on cliffs, through forests, and even inside mines while trying to escape with a golden idol. But be quick because mean monkeys are chasing you! Are you ready for this exciting adventure filled with excitement and thrills?

Temple Run 2 is a special game because it's different from other games where you keep running and jumping. It's cool because it's easy to play, has exciting stuff happening, and you always feel like you're getting better. Lots of people like it and keep playing because they keep adding new things to make it fun.

How to play Temple Run 2 online?

Move - AD or Left/Right arrow keys

Jump - W or Up arrow key

Slide down- S or Down arrow key

Move and turn - swipe left / right

Jump - swipe up

Slide - swipe down

Who developed Temple Run 2?

Temple Run 2 was developed by Imangi. Play their amazing endless runner games Temple Run 2: Holi Festival, Temple Run 2: Frozen Shadows, and Temple Run 2: Jungle Fall on Poki!

Temple Run 2 Gameplay

In Temple Run 2, the game is all about running away from a spooky temple while a scary creature chases you, just like in the first game. To control your character, you need to swipe your finger on the screen. Swipe up to jump, down to slide, and left or right to change directions. These moves are simple to understand but can be tricky to get really good at.

But in Temple Run 2, they make things even more exciting! They give you extra powers and cool abilities, like ziplines you can slide on and mine tracks to race through. It makes the game even more fun and challenging!

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