Temple Run Frozen Shadows

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About Temple Run 2 Frozen Shadows Game

Temple Run 2: Frozen Shadows is a game where you run non-stop. You need to get away from an enemy and avoid obstacles and traps on your way while trying to grab a gold idol. The game has icy caves, narrow paths, and even ice skates, making it more thrilling. Are you ready for this exciting adventure? Be careful, the ice can be slippery!

Temple Run 2: Frozen Shadows is a challenging adventure game that will test your adaptability. It's easy to play, addictive, and loved by fans. The impressive graphics and engaging sound make it even better. Give it a try!
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Here are the features of Temple Run Frozen Shadows:

  1. Better Graphics: The game looks much better in 3D, making it more fun to play.

  2. New Places: You can run through new and exciting locations like snow and frozen forest, adding more fun.

  3. More Characters: You have more characters to choose from, each with their own special abilities, making the game more personalized.

  4. Tricky Obstacles: The game has tougher obstacles like fire traps, waterfalls, and sudden turns, making it more challenging.

  5. Power-Ups: You can find power-ups that make your character better for a short time, adding a strategic element.

  6. Challenges and Achievements: There are goals to achieve, so you can level up and compete with others.

Strategies for playing Temple Run Frozen Shadows:

  1. Master the Controls: Practice using the swipe and tilt controls to become more skilled at reversing direction, jumping, and sliding. This helps you react quickly to obstacles.

  2. Use Power-Ups Wisely: Don't waste power-ups. For example, the shield power-up is great for tackling tough sections without losing progress.

  3. Spend Coins Smartly: Invest your coins in upgrades that suit your playstyle. If you often encounter obstacles, extend your shield duration. If you're all about collecting coins, consider upgrading your coin value or coin magnet.

  4. Choose the Right Character: Each character in Temple Run 2 has different skills. Select the one that complements your style of play to enhance your performance.

Who made Temple Run Frozen Shadows:

Imangi Studios is the company in charge of creating the Temple Run saga collection with more than 1,000,000,000 downloads on Google Play Store.

How to play Temple Run 2: Frozen Shadows poki game


  • Move - AD or Left/Right arrow keys

  • Jump - W or Up arrow key

  • Slide down- S or Down arrow key


  • Move and turn - swipe left / right

  • Jump - swipe up

  • Slide - swipe down


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