Red Panda Subway Surfer

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The existence of the Subway Surf game is not a secret for anyone, in which we played together with a funny mischievous person who decided to ride his board along the rails, and everyone remembers the always following policeman in the footsteps of the hero of the game, as he constantly interfered. and now let's imagine what can happen if you remove the policeman and his faithful dog, change the boy for a red panda (such a panda exists in reality) and make the trip even more colorful. That's right, you get a new funny Red Panda Surfer toy that you can play right now. If this is the first time you hear about the existence of a red panda, and you think that it looks like an ordinary panda, you are very mistaken, they only have the same name. Our hero is small and nimble, that is, the exact opposite of a slow and clumsy panda,

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