Hide And Smash Game

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About Hide and Smash Poki Game:

Hide and Smash Poki Game puts a new spin on the classic hide and seek game. Players are randomly split into two teams: the blue hiders and the red smashers. The hiders have to blend into the surroundings, looking like regular objects, and quickly collect all the scattered keys. The smashers' job is to find these hidden players and stop them from getting all the keys. It adds an exciting twist to the traditional game of hide and seek.

Hide and Smash Unblocked Poki game is a cool version of hide and seek! You can be on the blue hide team or the red smash team, and it's random. If you're hiding, quietly blend in, pretend to be something normal, and get all the keys before the smashers find you. If you're a smasher, find the hidden players before they get all the keys. It's a fun mix of strategy and action – let's play hide and smash!

Gameplay of Hide and Smash Unblocked Game:

To get into the game, use the WASD or arrow keys to move. Click the left mouse button for aiming and, if you're on the smashing team, to strike.

Whether you're hiding or smashing, Hide and Smash is all about quick thinking and reflexes. Challenge your friends and find out who can be the ultimate champion! Play Unblocked Hide And Smash Game on!

Who made "Hide and Smash" Game:

Hide and Smash is Made by Madbox. Play their game on vodogame: Stickman Hook, Parkour Race, Idle Ants, Sausage Flip, and Zen Blocks!

How to play Hide and Smash?

  • Move: WASD or the arrow keys

  • Left click: Aim and smash

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