Micro Wars Unblocked

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About MicroWars Unblocked Poki Game:

MicroWars Unblocked is a game where you make plans to take over a map. You command your troops to attack bases and aim to control them. The bases you control create more troops over time, so having more bases means more strength. There are also neutral bases on the maps. Can you conquer faster than your opponent conquers you?

MicroWars is a free Unblocked games 66 that you can play on your computer, mobile, or iPad browser. It falls under the thinking category and has earned a 5-star rating from 90% of players, making it quite popular. Utilizing html5 technology, MicroWars Unblocked game is accessible on both PC and mobile networks. You can start playing the unblocked MicroWars game now at in fullscreen mode without needing to download anything.

Gameplay of Micro Wars Unblocked Game:

MicroWars is a real-time strategy game where you take command of a squad of miniature soldiers. Your objective involves directing these soldiers to engage enemy units, gather resources, and construct various structures.

Control over your soldiers is facilitated through both point-and-click actions, allowing you to drag them to specific destinations, and hotkeys for quick command inputs. Resource acquisition is achieved by assigning your soldiers to harvest wood from trees or mine rocks. These resources play a crucial role in constructing buildings and enhancing your soldiers.

Building structures involves selecting the desired structure and placing it on the ground by clicking at the desired location. These structures serve purposes such as unit production, base defense, and providing other strategic advantages.

How to play Micro Wars Game:

  • Move the mouse cursor and drag a line from one base to another to send troops

Who made Micro Wars Online Game:

MicroWars is made by Okashi Games. This is their first game on!



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