Tower Defense Arena

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Welcome to the fun multiplayer game "Tower Defense Arena", in which you have to take part in exciting battle battles against other real players! Ahead of you are waiting for countless exciting levels in which you need to build the largest tower and destroy all the opponents to take the first place in the leaderboard.

You will find yourself in a small arena in the middle of the ocean, on which the resources necessary to improve your watchtower will be scattered. Collect as many tiles as possible to turn a small sentinel tower into a huge impregnable fortress. The higher the level of the structure, the greater the radius of attack of your archers, who will automatically shoot at enemies. During the battle, you can activate various auxiliary bonuses that allow you to get a significant advantage. Place ballistas and many other defensive weapons around the perimeter that cause significant damage to rivals nearby. For victories in battles you will earn gold coins that can be used to purchase new unique skins for your character. Good luck!


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