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About Raft Wars 2 Poki Game

Raft Wars 2 is a fun shooting game made by Martijn Kunst. It's a follow-up to the popular game Raft Wars. In the game, there are two brothers, Simon and his brother. They came back from a vacation and found a water park on top of their hidden treasure. They want to get their gold back, so they are on a mission to shut down the water park. To do this, they have to mess up waterslides, pools, guards, and more. You can earn coins by making smart shots, and with those coins, you can get better weapons and upgrade your raft.

vodogame is a website where you can play lots of online games for free without any restrictions. One of the most liked games on this site is Raft Wars 2. In Raft Wars 2, you take on the role of a character defending their raft from enemies. The game has different settings like the ocean, lakes, and rivers. To protect your raft, you'll have various weapons like guns, bombs, and tools to use against your opponents. If you're searching for an enjoyable and challenging game, Raft Wars is a great choice. Keep reading to find out more about the game and how to play it online.

Gameplay of Raft Wars 2 Poki Game

In Raft Wars 2, hitting your target is super important. Unlike some games where you automatically aim or have unlimited shots, here, you have a limited number of shots, so each one needs to count. To do well, you need to be really good at figuring out the perfect angle and strength for your shots. Plus, you don't always have to shoot your enemies directly. Sometimes, you can bounce shots off walls to strategically outmaneuver your opponents and toss them into the water.

Even though the game might look like a simple shooting game, it's more like a game of strategy. It's turn-based, which means you take turns with your opponents. During your turn, you have to decide when to attack and when to defend. You also need to think about the types of enemies you're up against and the different types of ammo you have. If you can master this turn-based system, you'll have the upper hand because you can predict what your opponents will do and plan your moves accordingly.

Here are the key features of Raft Wars 2:

  1. Turn-Based Gameplay: The game is all about taking turns, so you need to be good at aiming accurately and planning your moves strategically.

  2. Varied Enemies: Each level introduces different types of enemies, like pirates, Vikings, and Neanderthals, each with their own abilities and challenges.

  3. Terrain Utilization: You can use the environment, including walls and barriers, for tricky shots and to make your shots bounce in interactive settings.

  4. Physics-Based Aiming: Understanding the angles and trajectory of your cannon shots is crucial for landing precise hits in this physics-based game.

  5. Engaging Storyline: Follow the adventures of little Simon as he defends his treasure against a horde of hungry adversaries through various levels in an exciting storyline.

  6. Eye-Catching Animations and Sounds: The game features colorful animations and catchy sound effects that enhance the overall gaming experience.

  7. Free Online Play: You can play Raft Wars for free in modern web browsers like Chrome and Edge.

As you progress through the game, you'll encounter different types of enemies, and each type comes with its own challenges. You'll face Neanderthals, Vikings, and even pirates who want to grab your treasure. To succeed, it's important to know the strengths and weaknesses of these opponents. For example, even though pirates are quick and agile, they usually have less health than other enemies. This means you can take them out with a well-aimed shot, saving your limited ammo for tougher foes.

Here are some tips and strategies to excel in Raft Wars 2:

  1. Master Ricochet Shots: Use walls and obstacles to bounce your shots towards enemies who are in tricky spots. It's a great way to reach opponents in difficult-to-reach areas.

  2. Know Your Foes: Each type of enemy has unique characteristics. Adjust your strategy to target their weaknesses effectively.

  3. Aim High: Shooting at a higher angle can give your shots better control and more time to hit the target. This can be especially useful for precision shots.

  4. Predict Enemy Movements: Watch how your enemies move and adjust your defense accordingly. You can control opponent movements by placing obstacles strategically in their path.

  5. Practice Timing: Timing is crucial in the game. To get a feel for the right timing in both offense and defense, practice your shots.

  6. Stay Calm and Aim Carefully: Rushed shots often miss the mark. When the game comes down to critical turns, take your time to aim accurately. Patience can be your key to success.

Who made Raft Wars 2 Game?

Raft Wars 2 is developed by Martijn Kunst and TinyDobbins, located in Netherlands. They are also the creators of Raft Wars and Raft Wars Multiplayer. play them on

How to play?

  1. Mouse - Click and draw to shoot


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